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Moreno Iglisias Research Laboratories are established in 2006, under the supervision of Dr.Saleh Mahmood.

It is located at 21-Km, Ferozepure Road Lahore, involve in manufacture of quality medicine both for live stock and poultry based on expertise, knowledge and latest technology. The dedicated and qualified team of Moreno Iglisias Research Laboratories comprises of pharmacist, chemist microbiologist within state of art machinery for quality insurance and pharmaceutical manufacturing strictly
following the GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices) developing a complete range of veterinary products. Our product range includes Liquid, Powder and Inject able. Moreno Iglisias Research Laboratories has a vast network of qualified marketing staff successfully marketing the complete range of our product throughout the country since last 10 years. We strictly believe in quality economics and services. Our team of experts is always ready to train, guide and educate the farmer and dealers about our product at their door step. We are fast growing pharmaceutical company expanding our network in all remote areas of Pakistan. Our mission is to provide highest level of services possible for our valued customer. We achieve goal by constantly educating and training our marketing staff on latest scientific line.

MESSAGE FROM C.E.O (Dr.Saleh Mahmood)

Honesty trust and respect, this is what the customer expects from us and what the people within the company want from each other. This is accomplished through performance and by example. Do the right thing when no one is watching always defend those who or not present. We are accountable to the customer and ultimate to God. We are committed to each individual’s personal and professional success. We are a fast growing pharmaceutical entrepreneur and slogan “Lets Grow Together”.

C.E.O (Dr.Saleh Mahmood)

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